Early Childhood Health Consultation Program

Internship Location: Remote

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Policy Areas: Health policy and best practices for children

For the past year, including this semester, I have worked at the Early Childhood Health Consultation program (ECHC). The goal of this program is to promote health equity through a holistic approach that attempts to address the effects of the social determinants of health on early childhood care and education. ECHC strives to implement evidence-based best health and safety practices through our on-demand print and video resources, monthly live and recorded webinars, an informational podcast, and tailored health consultation services. Since we are a relatively newer organization, we are still working on getting the word out. My role with ECHC was to spearhead the second-sixth expansion phases. I cold-called daycare providers daily to educate them on our program and answer any questions they might have. I also write letters and create and draft emails to early childhood care providers about our services. While I work on expansion, the ECHC prides itself on being a team-oriented organization. That being said, I comment, read-through, and work on each aspect of the ECHC program. The ECHC program has taught me the importance of effective communication and team collaboration.