350 Wisconsin

Internship Location: Hybrid Madison WI

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Policy Areas: Environmental Policy

Working as a Community Climate Solutions Team intern with 350 Wisconsin as a part of the Energy Equity Team was an incredibly rewarding experience. I worked with my supervisor as well as another intern towards our overall goal of reducing the energy burden in Wisconsin. I spent a lot of time researching the energy burden in Wisconsin as well as innovative organizations working in this area. I helped to create multiple infographics to share with community members about energy efficiency programs in the Wisconsin area. I also produced an energy burden report for the city of Baraboo which future policy-makers in that city can use to inform them as they make energy policy decisions. I learned about how advocacy and education are important components of public policy. In addition to this my team intervened on a real case with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. We worked directly with a lawyer on the case to help him write his brief. It was great to gain real experience like this as a student!