Wisconsin Evaluation Collaborative (WEC)

Internship Location: Madison WI

Organization Type: Private Sector

Policy Areas: Education Policy

Throughout the summer of 2023, I have been working in Madison as an intern for the Wisconsin Evaluation Collaborative (WEC), an organization that partners with school districts, state agencies, professional associations, and education-based community organizations to conduct program evaluations. As a Research Intern for the WEC Quantitative Team, I have been tasked with cleaning, merging, and analyzing survey data, conducting literature reviews, creating Excel graphs, and writing and updating sections for different project evaluation reports. My time with WEC has helped me learn how to effectively handle raw data, and I have gained a new level of appreciation for rigorous, quantitative inquiry. It has also given me a glance into the complicated relationship between public entities and academic institutions. Overall, I have greatly enjoyed my time with WEC, and I hope to take the knowledge that I have gained and continue to build upon it in my La Follette coursework.