Prime Minister’s Office for the Republic of Kosovo

Internship Location: Prishtina, Kosovo

Organization Type: Government

Policy Areas: Economic/Community Development, Consulting, Research and Law

I interned for the Office of the Prime Minister in Kosovo. I worked with the Chief of Cabinet, the General Secretary, and the Senior Officers for Policy Coordination. Together, we worked on behalf of the Prime Minister and ensured the government’s top objectives were met. During my three-month internship, I was heavily involved in two processes: reviewing the policies of the 15 Ministries of Kosovo and developing operational guidelines for a new unit the Prime Minister intends to create. For the first project, I assisted the Ministries with developing policies and ensuring they passed the political process. With other team members, we reviewed if the Ministries were following the appropriate guidelines, methodologies, and thought processes while developing new policies. For the second project, I was a part of a team created to move forward with the Prime Minister’s new initiative, the Unit of Expertise (UE). The objective of the UE is to complement the human resource capacities of the Ministries through the enlistment of the services of experts and specialized professionals with proven hands-on experience in areas of interest for the Ministries. With my colleagues, we worked on developing the logistics for the UE project—writing the guidelines, determining the procurement process of the experts, and creating an expert database. Both projects were exciting and challenging. Overall, my experience this summer allowed me to actively practice the lessons I have gained during my first-year courses at La Follette, synthesize new ways of learning, and view what a career in the public sector entails.