Office of Governor Tony Evers

Internship Location: Remote

Organization Type: State Government

Policy Areas: Government relations, public management and law

Since February 2020, I have served as Gubernatorial Appointments Assistant at the Office of Governor Tony Evers. My primary responsibility in this position is to support the Appointments Director in selecting applicants to serve on more than 200 statewide boards and commissions, each of which plays a unique role within Wisconsin’s state government. To ensure that each applicant receives fair consideration from senior staff and the Governor, I draft short applicant biographical statements detailing the specific qualifications of board applicants. Moreover, I frequently correspond with board applicants, appointees, and current members to address any questions or concerns related to the appointments process. A significant portion of my time is dedicated to administrative tasks such as digital recordkeeping and website maintenance. Through these tasks, I have worked to consolidate public records and transition the department to an exclusively virtual format. I have also helped to create a comprehensive boards and commissions webpage which provides information about the purpose of each board, thereby empowering prospective applicants to identify which positions they are most qualified for. I am also responsible for facilitating the formation of new task forces to address contemporary policy issues in Wisconsin. Most notably, I aided with the formation of the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change, Governor’s Task Force on Broadband, Governor’s Task Force on Student Debt, and Governor’s Task Force on Reducing Prescription Drug Prices. While public service can be physically and emotionally draining at times, this position has reinforced my love for government while allowing me to learn about the intricacies of state government administration.