National Assembly of Pakistan

Internship Location: Pakistan

Organization Type: Federal Government

Policy Areas: Global Policy, UN System, Government work, Humanitarian Aid Track

I cannot overstate the significance of my internship experience; it proved immensely valuable in numerous aspects, including combating impostor syndrome. Through participation in the Duke Global Policy Course, I deepened my understanding of the United Nations System and Global Policy. This opportunity facilitated interactions with multiple IGOs and INGOs, enriching my comprehension and clarifying my policy objectives. Despite my background in English linguistics and teaching, I previously struggled to define my policy focus, yet my aspiration to contribute to humanitarian efforts persisted. This course illuminated the path of humanitarian aid and solidified my policy aims. Subsequently, my involvement with the National Assembly of Pakistan encompassed diverse departments, notably the Research Wing, an impartial division of the National Assembly Secretariat dedicated to providing expert analysis and information to the legislature. Participation in the UN SDGs task force conference expanded my insights into International Relations and Human Rights Watch within Pakistan. Intensive collaboration with the special committee for Afghan refugees provided a unique perspective. I was also privileged to witness the dissolution of the incumbent government during the National Assembly’s final session. Throughout my internship, I acquired exposure spanning international relations, economic affairs, constitutional and parliamentary matters, and social-political developments. I attribute much of this learning to my enrollment at the La Follette School of Public Affairs, where I honed skills crucial for effective organizational engagement. A primary internship goal was to establish a robust network, a process facilitated by my participation in the Professional Development course led by Steve. This course underscored the significance of optimizing my LinkedIn profile and post-meeting follow-ups via email. While enrolled in the Duke Global Policy course, a pivotal task involved crafting a policy memo addressing the Afghan humanitarian crisis and the UN’s ongoing involvement. The Policy Analysis course, guided by Greg, proved instrumental in shaping this memo. Furthermore, participation in group exercises centered on the Sudanese Refugee crisis allowed practical application of policy skills cultivated at La Follette. Within the National Assembly of Pakistan, I was tasked with analyzing economic surveys from 2008-2023. Gratitude abounds for my enrollment in Professor Fletcher’s Macro Econ course, which empowered me to fluently employ economic terminology. In summary, my summer internship engendered an incredible experience. It granted me access to pivotal government documents and policy discussions within the National Parliament. Collaborating closely with committees such as those dedicated to human rights, Afghan-Pakistan relations, refugees, and women’s issues enriched my understanding immeasurably. The culmination of this journey has expanded my knowledge base and skill set beyond measure.