Michael Best Strategies

Internship Location: Madison, WI

Organization Type: Private sector

Policy Areas: Government Relations/Lobbying, Consulting, Research

I worked on both the government relations and public relations teams during my tenure at Michael Best Strategies, assisting my colleagues in serving their clients. Using the policy-oriented writing skills that I developed in Public Affairs 873 and 878, I wrote several memos and other research-based documents that succinctly analyzed both current and proposed state policy. For example, I researched a proposal to eliminate Wisconsin’s state income tax and increase its sales tax, comparing different studies of its potential impacts for the state economy and tax collections. These memos allowed me to gain a breadth of knowledge on policy issues, including water, energy, and healthcare. As part of my work for the public relations team, I bolstered my persuasive writing skills by practicing policy framing and effective argumentation. This included the drafting of media content, such as slide decks and op-eds, on a wide variety of client needs and policy issues. Furthermore, my internship offered numerous mentorship and networking opportunities with industry and political leaders on both sides of the aisle. In particular, I helped staff two primary debates for Lt. Governor in July. Overall, I gained valuable experience in the policymaking process and developed portable skills that I can apply in my future career, whether it be in the public or private sectors.