Iowa Association of Area Agencies on Aging

Internship Location: Remote

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Policy Areas:  Government Relations and Lobbying/Health/Nonprofit Management

This summer I served as the administrative intern to the executive director of the Iowa Administration of Area Agencies on Aging (I4A), a non-profit providing support to the various Area Agencies on Aging throughout the state of Iowa and representing them on a national policy level. This position did not originally exist until I contacted the organization directly for available opportunities. Because of this, I was given the freedom to choose the scope of my tasks throughout the summer. My responsibilities within this position included facilitating communication between program directors and the executive director, attending workgroup and program meetings on behalf of the ED, providing requested input on local and national legislation regarding aging policy, and brainstorming organizational changes to increase efficiency. My main task, however, was to develop the organization’s 2022 legislative policy agenda. This assignment required me to study prior policy agendas, assess their effectiveness, and identify areas of the most legislative importance on behalf of I4A. To achieve this goal successfully, I arranged meetings throughout the summer with local and national Iowa representatives and surveyed I4A board members, lobbyists, and policy staff. Throughout this experience, I learned vital information about policy agenda formation and lobbying while gaining skills in political communication and outreach. I am confident this position has prepared me well for my future career goals and I4A will remain an ongoing resource for my professional advancement.