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Valerie Kozel

Adjunct Associate Professor of Public Affairs

Valerie Kozel
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Office: 205 Observatory Hill Office Building
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Valerie Kozel is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Public Affairs at the La Follette School.

After receiving her PhD from the Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP) at MIT in 1987, Valerie had a distinguished 30-year career at the World Bank. At the World Bank, she advised governments on the Indian sub-continent, Africa, and Southeast Asia on how to develop, implement, and evaluate effective policies for growth and poverty reduction.

Valerie has conducted field research in a number of countries focusing on poverty and risk, quantitative and qualitative analysis of development policies, and the impact of social programs. She has written about risk and poverty, community development, and social protection in Africa; poverty, inequality, and inclusive growth in South and East Asia; and more broadly, public expenditures and service delivery in developing countries.

In 2014, Valerie published a book on poverty in Vietnam—Well Begun by Still Not Done: Poverty and Emerging Challenges for Poverty Reduction in Vietnam. She also published The Great Indian Poverty Debate (with Angus Deaton) in 2005. Her current research interests include more of the same.

Valerie enjoys gardening, long walks with her dog, Wisconsin cheese, and in her spare time, teaching the next generation of development practitioners.

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