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BuckyNet is a UW-Madison exclusive job board that posts jobs and internships for students and alumni. BuckyNet lists a variety of positions, but its particular strength is for private sector employment. Users must register for an account to access BuckyNet.

For current students: Register through L&S Career Services

UW-Madison Student Job Center

Job Center is a resource for all students within the UW-Madison system who seek employment. Employment listings include both university positions and positions posted by a variety of employers in the Madison area. If you are a student looking for a Teaching or Project Assistantship (TA, PA), there are filters on the right-hand side of the page for these opportunities.

UW-Madison Jobs is an employment listings service managed by the Office of Human Resources at UW-Madison. Listings include both classified and unclassified positions within the university system.

L & S Career Services

La Follette students are also College of Letters & Sciences students; therefore, they may also utilize L&S career services. Included within L&S career services is the Government, Politics, and Policy careers page. Here you will find information about working for Federal Government agencies, State, City, and County agencies for elected officials at the local, state, and national levels, and in Think Tanks and other policy-related organizations. 

Marie Koko is certified in the government search process and regularly meets with students and gives presentations on improving federal resumes and finding government employment.

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