Connect with Alumni

Students can meet and work with La Follette School alumni and friends, many of whom hold important positions in international organizations; federal, state, and local government agencies; nonprofit organizations; and private business.

Ways to connect

Many La Follette School alumni and friends share information about their jobs and workplaces, participate in professional development functions that highlight their knowledge and experience, and provide informational interviews for students.


Alumni also serve as mentors, meaning students can arrange to meet with them two or more times to talk about career opportunities, visit a work site, discuss interviews, and/or review resumes.

How to get alumni contact information

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Talk to the La Follette School Staff

Talk to the Director of Career and Employer Services, Associate Director, other student services staff, or outreach staff


Find and contact them via the alumni search feature on the La Follette LinkedIn Page; and/or the UW LinkedIn Page.

Don’t forget to check the LinkedIn page for your undergraduate school if it was not UW. You may have double the alumni to call on for assistance!

Badger Bridge

Look alumni up on Badger Bridge (access limited to University of Wisconsin–Madison students & alumni).

Badger Bridge is a UW-Madison specific networking tool that allows you to both re-connect with old classmates as well as enabling you to utilize the trusted UW-Madison environment to expand your professional network.

UW Alumni Facebook Groups

Join UW alumni groups on Facebook related to the city where you hope to live.

Examples: DC Badgers, Big Apple Badgers, Mile High Alumni, Chicago Badgers, etc…

Employer websites

You can try to find alumni contact information on their employer’s web site

If you find alumni information is out of date, please email so staff can follow up with alumni to update.

Alumni News and Profiles

Alumni News

Alumni Profiles

  • Photo of Karina Virrueta Running holding her son, Roman.

    Karina Virrueta Running, MPA ’17

    "The workshop course was as challenging as it was rewarding. I also made lasting friendships with my peers and the professors."

  • Photo of Hilary Shager

    Hilary Shager, MPA ’05

    "La Follette is the epitome of the Wisconsin Idea. And it’s certainly not just about Wisconsin—the staff and faculty have done so much to connect students with alumni and new, real-world opportunities."

  • Photo of Sophia Rogers

    Sophia Rogers, MPA ’19

    "La Follette has prepared and empowered all of us to do amazing things."

  • Photo of Muhammed Fofana.

    Muhammed Fofana, MPA ’22

    "The client-based project was one of my favorite experiences at La Follette. I worked with a great team of faculty, client, and classmates."

  • Photo of Jess Rutstein

    Jess Rutstein, MPA ’20

    Alum Jess Rutstein works as a FoodShare Program and policy analyst for the WI Department of Health Services.

  • More Alumni Profiles