Connect with Alumni

Students can meet and work with La Follette School alumni and friends, many of whom hold important positions in international organizations; federal, state, and local government agencies; nonprofit organizations; and private business.


Ways to connect

Many La Follette School alumni and friends share information about their jobs and workplaces, participate in professional development functions that highlight their knowledge and experience, and provide informational interviews for students.


Alumni also serve as mentors, meaning students can arrange to meet with them two or more times to talk about career opportunities, visit a work site, discuss interviews, and/or review resumes.

How to get alumni contact information

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Talk to La Follette School Career Services Coordinator and staff

Talk to the Career Services Coordinator, Associate Director, student services staff, outreach staff, or the University Relations Specialist

Badger Bridge

Look alumni up on Badger Bridge (access limited to University of Wisconsin–Madison students & alumni).

Badger Bridge is a UW-Madison specific networking tool that allows you to both re-connect with old classmates as well as enabling you to utilize the trusted UW-Madison environment to expand your professional network.


Find and contact them via the alumni search feature on the La Follette LinkedIn Page; and/or the UW LinkedIn Page.

Don’t forget to check the LinkedIn page for your undergraduate school if it was not UW. You may have double the alumni to call on for assistance!

UW Alumni Facebook Groups

Join UW alumni groups on Facebook related to the city where you hope to live.

Examples: DC Badgers, Big Apple Badgers, Mile High Alumni, Chicago Badgers, etc…

Employer websites

You can try to find alumni contact information on their employer’s web site

If you find alumni information is out of date, please email so staff can follow up with alumni to update.

Alumni News and Profiles

Alumni News

Alumni Profiles

  • Profile photo of Victor Alda Escalona

    Victor Escalona Aldana (MPA ’21)

    "My client-based projects gave me useful real-world experience that can be transferred to other settings."

  • Jamie Aulik (MPA ’06)

    Having served at the federal, state, county, and local level, I’m living proof that a La Follette School education can literally prepare you for almost any career field in government.

  • Mitchell Running (MPA ’17, MPH ’18)

    The La Follette School will give you the tools necessary to be successful in a career in public policy, regardless of the sector or level of government you are interested in.

  • Jackson Parr, MPA ’20

    The breadth of coursework I completed at the La Follette School provided me the opportunity to approach challenges through an interdisciplinary lens. Flood events trigger many different social and institutional dynamics that all must be considered when identifying solutions.

  • Emma Cleveland, MPA ’20

    Having professors like Dave Weimer and Greg Nemet consistently challenge me—asking questions, throwing curve balls into assignments, and making us do some serious critical thinking—has really helped me become a more confident employee.

  • More Alumni Profiles