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Increasingly, careers in the federal, state, and local governments as well as nonprofit organizations and private sector businesses require an understanding of public administration, policy analysis, and public affairs, as well as law. Many students choose to pursue the dual law and public affairs degree because of their interest in employment in government agencies, government relations law practice, or in other policy-oriented firms and organizations.

A total of 75 credits at the Law School plus 36 credits at the La Follette School of Public Affairs are required for the dual-degree program. For most students the dual-degree program will add about a year of study to the three years it takes to complete law school, but will save approximately one year of study compared to doing the two programs separately.


Application for admission must be made separately to La Follette School of Public Affairs and to the Law School. Acceptance by one program does not imply acceptance by the other program. Most students apply to both programs before they begin either; however, students enrolled in the Law School may apply to the MPA or MIPA program during their first or second year in law school, and La Follette students can apply to the Law School during their first year.

La Follette School Admissions

Law School Admissions

Graduate School Admissions

Course of Study

Students who are admitted to MPA or MIPA program and the Law School can choose to start their studies either at the La Follette School of Public Affairs or the Law School. Students notify both admissions departments of their plans. Students in the Law and Public Policy dual degree program pay a blended tution rate that can be found here by selecting the Combined Law and Graduate tuition rate under the student career dropdown menu. 

MPA-JD Degree Plan

MIPA-JD Degree Plan

Tuition: The UW-Madison Bursar's Office publishes information about tuition and segregated fees for the fall and spring semesters in early August. Select the correct semester and program from the dropdown menu from that page, which in most cases for the dual-degree between the Law School and the La Follette School will be "Law and Graduate combined."

Dual JD & MPA/MIPA Degree Requirements

Students must meet the degree requirements of both programs:

  • A total of 75 credits at the Law School plus 36 credits at the La Follette School of Public Affairs are required.
  • 15 credits from La Follette core courses at an average of B or better will apply to the 90-credit J.D. degree once the MPA/MIPA has been awarded. 
  •  Students complete core courses for the MPA or the MIPA which total 18 credits.
  • Policy electives can be chosen from public affairs elective courses or policy-related law courses offered at the Law School. Any electives chosen from Law School that apply to the public affairs 36 credits cannot be part of the required 75 Law School credits.
  • Students applying 15 La Follette credits to the law degree may not apply other credits from outside Law School to the law degree. The total number of law credits required for students in the dual degree program is 75.
  • 36 credits will be required for La Follette students who have completed at least 30 credits in the Law School with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 on all law courses. The 36 La Follette credits will include 18 credits in core courses and 18 in an area of concentration.
  • Students must receive their law degrees and master's degrees simultaneously to receive the full benefits of the dual-degree arrangement.

Law School Advising

Dual Degree Law & Public Affairs Alumni

Highlighted below are a few La Follette School and Law school dual-degree alumni:

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