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The following La Follette School faculty members are happy to speak with news reporters and community groups. Their names and areas of expertise are listed below. Additional information and a high-resolution photos are available on the faculty member's profile and in UW–Madison’s Experts Database. For assistance, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 608-262-3581.

Professor Menzie Chinn – Topics: international currencies; determinants of exchange and interest rates; effectiveness of fiscal policy; government debt and deficits. 

Professor J. Michael Collins – Topics: financial literacy and program evaluation; consumer financial decision making; banking, mortgage and credit market policy and regulation. 

Professor Mark Copelovitch – Topics: international organizations (IMF, World Bank, European Union, WTO, etc.); exchange rates and monetary policy; international capital flows and financial crises; global governance and international cooperation. 

Professor Jason Fletcher – Topics: long-term impacts of childhood health; impacts of teenage pregnancy and teenage childbearing; social networks and health. 

Professor Gregory Nemet – Topics: energy policy; climate change; innovation; science and technology policy. 

Professor Timothy Smeeding – Topics: poverty and income distribution, income transfers, and tax policy; public policy, especially social policy and at-risk populations; health economics; child poverty, low-income men, and their role as fathers; measuring poverty and mobility across generations. 

Professor David Weimer – Topics: cost-benefit analysis; health policy; organ transplantation. 

Professor Barbara Wolfe – Topics: health economics; income and health; Medicaid and State Children's Health Insurance Program policies; poverty policy. 

Professor Susan Yackee – Topics: regulatory policymaking process, called rulemaking, and particularly citizen participation in rulemaking. 



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