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The Wisconsin Idea is the principle that the university should improve people's lives beyond the classroom. The La Follette School exemplifies the Wisconsin Idea through its multidisciplinary emphasis on service and scholarship that allows faculty and students to take on problems of public policy and governance through research, teaching, and outreach on issues that include the design and management of social welfare programs, international currency and trade, analysis of the effects of welfare reform, health-care reform and determinants of health, environmental policy, public management and finance, Social Security, and science and technology. More on the Wisconsin Idea

High-Impact Research and Outreach

Learn more about the La Follette School's dedication to high-impact research.

Learn more about the La Follette School's dedication to high-impact outreach.

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Community-Based Research

  • Meyer helps districts use data to improve student outcomes

    Rob Meyer is helping Wisconsin school districts do a better job. As the director of the Value-Added Research Center, the La Follette School research professor is helping districts across Wisconsin and the United States determine which programs and elements of…